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A perfect composition of wild strawberry fruits and leaves and delicate apples that will awaken childhood memories in us. The slightly sour taste of wild rose rind and hibiscus harmonizes with wonderfully sweet raisins. It tastes great at any time of the day or night (due to the lack of theine), as well as in the period of reduced immunity due to the high content of vitamin C



hibiscus, apple, raisins, rose peel, wild strawberry 1.5%, wild strawberry leaf 1%, aroma


Country of origin: Egypt


The recommended method of brewing:

1.5-2 teaspoons of dried per cup (200 ml) of water at a temperature of about 95 degrees. Brewing time according to your preferences - we recommend 5-8 minutes. Bon Appetit!

Wild Strawberry Etude - Fruit tea

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50 Grams

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