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  • High servings of hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin
  • Optimized bioavailability thanks to phospholipids
  • 100mcg of vitamin B12 per serving
  • Mango flavor with a hint of blackcurrant

B12 Liposomal Forte contains the vegan form of B12 in the purest, fully bioactive form of methylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin.

Vitamin B12 is placed in a phospholipid matrix, which makes vitamin B12 liposomal - it is much easier absorbed and metabolized by the body. It is especially recommended for people who have trouble absorbing B12.

B12 Liposomal Forte in the form of a sublingual powder is already absorbed in the mouth.

The product B12 Liposomal Forte contains vitamin B12, which contributes to the following normal body functions:

  • Production of energy in cells (energy metabolism)
  • Reduction of the feeling of fatigue
  • The work of the nervous system and psychological functions
  • The work of the immune system, the formation of red blood cells
  • Homocysteine ​​metabolism

Supplementing with B12 is very important for everyone, especially:

  • vegetarians and vegans
  • people over 50,
  • pregnant and lactating women,
  • people with reduced ability to absorb vitamin B12,
  • with a diet low in this vitamin.


Portion recommended for consumption during the day: a flat scoop under the tongue

B12 Forte Liposomal


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