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Colleagues at Work

Who am I,  and why healthy soul.

I am Joanna and for the past 10 years I built a very successful career in recruitment .

It was very fast paced and demanding job role which involved long hours and working on calls

Day and night .This really took a toll on my stress level and I felt  I had no work balance .

I felt exhausted and mentally drained and had little or no time to spend with my beautifully family .


My body was telling me that it had had enough . And I had to make a change in my life . I responded by adding vitamins and minerals to my diet .

Also I found  there was nothing quite like a good cup of tea for calming me down and helping me to relax .


How I came up with it.

During a Christmas period 2021 I discovered a tearoom by “czas na herbate” Polish brand that translates to “time for tea”. This is where I discovered a real tea, which was far removed from the black powder stuffed into a paper bag hanging on a piece of string that can be bought at every shop in the country.

This was a revelation! Wealth of flavours and aromas that I begun to discover that day was incredible and it set me on the path to Healthy Soul.
I knew there must be many people like me who are struggling with anxiety  and are looking for a solution.

Where I started

For me, the best starting point was sitting down with a hot cup of tea to plan out how I will take care of my health, wellbeing and in extent family and does around.
That is how and why I am here starting this new venture surrounded with people that support me and know that saying don’t worry is not enough.


My mission

It is my mission to get this message out there that it is probably the worst thing that person struggling with anxiety might hear “don’t worry it will all be fine.”
If it was that simple, I am pretty sure anxiety overall would not be such a big problem.

My saving grace was investing in my health I bet it all on natural dietary supplements, herbs and teas. I always tried to help others whenever I got a chance and Healthy Soul is my way of doing just that. Knowing how hard it is to find help in today’s world where rat race and constant stress became our daily bread. Just slow down and take a deep breath take a minute come by to Healthy soul and let’s get together over a cuppa.

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