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Honeybush is obtained from the leaves of a South African shrub with the Latin name Cyclopia intermedia, which is not related to the traditional tea bush. The leaves, stems and flowers are used to make the infusion. Honeybush tea is sometimes drunk with milk and sugar, but to appreciate its subtle, sweet taste, you should not do so. The taste of this tea is described very differently, for example, it is compared to hot apricot jam, described as floral, honey, as the taste of a dried fruit mixture with a noticeable sweetness. This tea has the advantage that its cool infusion can be drunk as iced tea and tastes great with fruit juices.


Ingredients: honeybush 100%


Country of origin: South Africa


Recommended brewing method: 1-2 teaspoons per 200 ml of water, water temperature 100 degrees, brewing time about 5 minutes under cover. After this time, the grounds should be separated from the brew.


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