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A intoxicating fragrance composition of white Pai Mu Tan tea with fragrant rose petals, which stimulates the senses already when opening the package. The rose addition is composed in a sublime way with white tea, which we can also feel after preparing the infusion. Recommended during long days at work, because white tea is an excellent antidote to fatigue. It stimulates and refreshes, which allows you to stay focused longer.



Pai Mu Tan white tea 89%, rose petals 10%, aroma


Country of Origin: China


Recommended method of brewing:

We suggest pouring 1 teaspoon of tea per cup (200 ml) with water at a temperature of approx. 70 degrees Celsius (i.e. 6 minutes after boiling the water), infusion time - depending on individual preferences - from 4 to 6 minutes covered, after this time, separate the leaves from the infusion. Bon Appetit!

White Rose -white tea

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50 Grams

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