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White tea comes from China from Mount Yunnan. It is characterized by a simplification and silvery-white colored buds. The tea should be brewed at 80 ° C minutes for 2-4 minutes. Let's improve the duration and experiment with longer brewing times and lower temperatures. The taste is noticeable with malty and woody notes, you can also find herbal, floral and fruity accents. In production for the Yunnan Silver Needle it has a much better taste. An interesting fact is the name of the tea, which corresponds to the withering (drying) process, which is unusual. It is said that White Moon (also called White Moonlight) is a tea that fades in the moonlight because the process is so long that it often lasts not only all day (as in many other white teas) but also overnight - up to wound. Interestingly, tea, in accordance with the provisions on storage, the longer it matures, the more it resembles black tea in its taste.


Ingredients: White Moon 100% tea Country of Origin: China


Country of Origin: China

White Moon - White tea

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