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Yerba Mate from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). Elaborada contains a lot of sticks (35% of the total), handling a unique filter, thanks to which it clogs the bombilla. Recommended search for those looking for a new, tastier and gentler start-up. Perfect for a drink during the day, helps to de-stress, keeps warming up repeatedly. A good choice for beginners.
Yerba mate for dried, ground leaves and sticks of Paraguay holly, for making an infusion popular in South America. The name yer mate was coined by us by the Jesuits. It comes from the Latin word herb herb, and mati in Quechua means gourd in which the herb is brewed. Yerba mate stimulates the mind, often used to improve memory and memory. It is used as a stimulant, which helps withstand physical and physical fatigue. The inhabitants of South America have known and appreciated the beneficial effects of Yerba Mate for centuries. It stimulates similarly to coffee, but it is very good with coffee, which can deliver quickly, quickly and quickly, while providing similar minerals and microelements, comprehensive at the same time appetite.


Unit package: 400 g


Ingredients: mate 80%, dried hemp leaves 10%


Country of origin: Brazil


The recommended method of brewing: Traditionally in South America, dry is poured in an amount of 1/4 to 3/4 of the volume of the vessel and poured over with water at a temperature of 65 - 80 degrees C.



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