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Buy Dr. Jacob's pHysioBase (300g)


Dr. Jacob’s pHysioBase: the fruity base powder for mobility.

Dr. Jacob’s pHysioBase is a fruity-berry mineral mixture based on nature's model - based on organic citrate and lactate, made from vegetable and mineral raw materials. With minerals from Germany and the Netherlands. The nutrients it contains support the normal function of bones, muscles and joint cartilage - for mobility and more joy in life.

With the nutrients contained in pHysioBase you can contribute to the following normal body functions:

  • Support the collagen formation for normal bones and cartilage - with vitamin C
  • Preserve the bones - with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D
  • Support the muscle function - with potassium, magnesium
  • Support the nervous system - with potassium, vitamin B1
  • Reduce tiredness - with magnesium, vitamin C
  • Support the acid-base metabolism - with zinc
  • Maintain normal blood pressure - with potassium


  • For joints, bones and muscles in sport and everyday life
  • With glucosamine, vitamin C, black currants, cranberries and rose hips
  • Minerals based on citrates and lactate: a lot of potassium, little sodium, calcium / magnesium ratio of around 3: 2
  • No additives: vegan, without fillers, sugar or artificial flavors


Pour 1 level measuring spoon (ML) à 6 g 1–2 times a day with 250 ml low-sodium water / soda. Best to drink with meals.

Attention: In the case of (drug-related) disturbances of the potassium balance, hyperkalaemia, alkalosis or kidney failure, only use after medical advice.
If you take the full daily dose, you do not need any other dietary supplements with calcium or zinc.

Dr. Jacob's physio balans (300g)

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