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A fruity composition with the addition of dried apple, sweet strawberry and peach. The addition of refreshing currants and cherries enriches the taste, emphasizing the fruity character of the infusion. Every sip of tea is reminiscent of a summer garden where aromatic fruit ripens. The tea can be served warm as well as with the addition of ice cubes, and the freeze-dried fruit can be eaten.



Ingredients: Dried apple, candied mango (mango, sugar, citric acid), freeze-dried peach, freeze-dried red currant, freeze-dried strawberry, freeze-dried cherry, raisins (raisins, vegetable oil)


Nutritional value per 100g: energy value 1411.0 kJ / 334.0 kcal, fats 1.2 g, carbohydrates 70 g (including sugars 58 g), fiber 13 g, protein 4.5 g, salt 0.02 g, sodium 0.0 g.


Country of Origin: China


Recommended brewing method:

1 teaspoon of tea per cup (200 ml) of water at a temperature of about 95 degrees Celsius (i.e. about 5 minutes after boiling the water), infusion time - depending on individual preferences - from 8 to 10 minutes under the cover, after this time separate the leaves from the infusion. The infusion is ready!


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