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Sencha green tea with the addition of juicy pineapple, sweet papaya leaves and fruit, sensual mango, sour cranberry.

The whole is completed with petals of pink cornflower and yellow marigold. The colorful dried fruit will make everyone happy, and the unique taste of the infusion will soothe the senses.j

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, candied pineapple (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), candied papaya (papaya, sugar), dried cranberry (cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil), candied mango (mango, sugar, citric acid), papaya leaf, pink cornflower, calendula, aroma Nutritional value per 100g: energy value 333.0 kJ / 79.0 kcal, fats 0.0 g, carbohydrates 18.0 g (including sugars 13.0 g), fiber 1.8 g, protein 0.6 g, salt 0.0 g , sodium 0.0g.

Country of Origin: China


Recommended brewing method: 1 teaspoon of tea per cup (200 ml) of water at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius (i.e. about 5 minutes after boiling the water), infusion time - depending on individual preferences - from 1 to 3 minutes covered, after this time separate the leaves from the infusion. The infusion is ready!


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