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English breakfast is one of the most famous and appreciated compositions in the world. Its great taste and aroma is obtained by adding bergamot oil. Earl Gray tea owes its unique taste and aroma to bergamot oil. The name bergamot was introduced by the Turks, who described it as the fruit of the Prince's Pear, cultivated in the Mediterranean, similar in shape to citrus fruit, with a thick, fleshy skin. It is from this skin that the aromatic oil is pressed, which is added to, among others, Earl Gray teas. The arrival of Earl Gray tea in Europe is probably related to the shipment of tea from China. During a long journey, tea leaves were protected with bergamot oil, placed in the transport hatches to protect the cargo against the effects of mold and the specific smell of fish. Earl Gray tea also has health benefits. The substances contained in bergamot oil strengthen the immune system, increase the production of endorphins, responsible for improving the mood, and stimulate the work of the brain. It is a great suggestion for breakfast, which will keep us in a good mood throughout the day.


Unit packaging: 70g


Ingredients: Assam Dekorai black tea, Ceylon OP black tea


Country of origin: India, Sri Lanka


Recommended brewing method: 1 teaspoon of tea per cup (200 ml), pour the leaves with water at 95 degrees Celsius (right after boiling). Brewing time approx. 3 minutes, covered, then separate the leaves from the infusion.


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